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Copying ADF files form PC to A600. Help!

I have just put together a A600, with 4gb CF ide drive, an aca 630/25 accelerator and a604 trapdoor memory expansion.

First off thanks to amigakit for there amazing service and quick delivery to germany.

Second thanks to indivision for these amazing bits of kit.

I managed to format the drive, but only to 2gb not 4gb using hdtoolbox. I can live with the 2GB for the moment. I installed workbench 3.1 from my amiga forever collection. The a600 boots and I can see the drive. I also managed to install whdload.

I bought a pcmcia compact flash adapter which came with the software adf-transfer-kit. I installed the adf transfer software from floppy and now I can see the 4gb drive in workbench. When I take out the CF I can see it in my PC via a usb to CF adapter. So I thought.........easy.......I will just copy some adf images to the CF from my PC. This worked OK. When I take the card and plug it into the amiga it sees the drive, but as empty.

Help. What am I doing wrong?
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