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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i would say that its down to personal prefrents wether you get a aca630 or not,i would get one the a nice bit of kit.

yes whdload needs more memory i would say 6-8mb in total,4-8mb fast 2mb chipram if you want to be able to play all/most the games anyway.

a pcmcia memory card will give your system a little bit of a boost in speed on top of the extra memory but again its a personal choice,i would go for the aca 630 myself.

as for the kickstart 3.1 rom.again i would say yes,but you dont really need it if you just want to play games through whdload.
there are can remap a 3.1 image to fastram with an aca 630 without the actual rom chip.
if you just want to use whdload the 3.1 image only neads to be present in devs/kickstarts.

regards roy
Thanks for your advice. I bought a aca 630. I am impressed as to its quality and also the service from amigakit. It was very easy to install and doesnt get as hot as I had read/feared. Its just warm.
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