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Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
I'm a veteran with amigas and genlocks but i'm still confused. Can you please explain or illustrate the physical connections?
I'm not Jens, but decided to answer anyway.

The genlock is plugged into the Amiga's RGB port as usual.

The indivision is plugged in on top of a chip on the motherboard and has its own separate 31kHz output that you can connect another monitor to.

Hence: your genlocking is just as before, but you have the option to view everything (except for the overlaid video) from a VGA monitor that is connected to the new VGA connector that is provided by the Indivision.

So .. as Jens already said: Genlock compatible in this sense basically means that it can coexist with a genlock.

I'm coming off just the amiga rgb port and the Indivision puts gfx out on that as a normal amiga or are you saying that I would use the dvi output to rgb somehow?
The indivision has a separate output, the RGB port on the motherboard functions as before without any enhancements / changes.

What modes does the indivision have that are "genlock compatible" please?
If the genlock is compatible with the mode you want to use, so is the Indivision.

In other words what are the advantages of the using the indivision for amiga gfx for genlock overlay over standard amiga outputs?
There is no advantage for that use case.

All in all, you can set your machine up for use with a flicker free VGA monitor, but on the other hand you can continue to do video work with the machine without shuffling connections around.

Naturally if you use your Amiga only for genlocking, then the Indivision is probably not of much use to you - you'd need a 15kHz monitor anyway in order to view the genlocked picture.

However if you do any other productivity work with it, the Indivision lets you connect a better monitor and use better resolutions with less eye strain.
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