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That is funny. Most of the commenters obviously don't know what they're talking about. But Jonas is coping quite well imo.

Certain things that these people would decry as socialist abominations are in the mainstream here. They might be surprised to find that socialism comes in many flavors, e.g. modern Scandinavian welfare states or Germany's so called social capitalism, a term coined by a conservative. So no knee jerks.

I think we have to embrace our inner Homer Simpson. All industrial nations are turning fat. I don't want to peddle stereotypes, but every time I hear America somehow the picture of [ Show youtube player ] [ Show youtube player ] [ Show youtube player ].

American literature is highly esteemed, from Hemingway to Stephanie Meyer. (See, education isn't what it used to be.) For decades now almost everything new and cool came from the USA, bubble gum, iPads, whatnot. Hollywood has a firm hold on European living rooms. On the other hand, Borat and Michael Moore's films were a huge success here. Let's say, it is a love-hate relationship.
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