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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
And the maxtransfer setting is correct? If it's not, you may get corrupted file operations with larger files that might not show up in WinUAE use.
I believe it to be correct as I have transferred large files into RAM and back without any issues. Nevertheless, the Mask is 0xfffffe & MaxTransfer 0xffffff. If it is suggested that they are changed, what are the best settings? I have played with these settings on other ocassions but cannot recall which ones I used.

Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
Good point Toni, missed the 8GB card bit. If it is those issues DC33, there is a lot of info on EAB and by searching the internet.

Also some info here:
Thanks Bloodwych,

I have configured the drive step by step following your gideliness and even followed your video guide and have had no issues at all. I have actually been playing around with 8 gig cards for some time without any problems like this one. I can't recall tho, whether other cards I have prepped have been using a real 1200 or not....

At work now so I can't get onto the real machine till tonight. Tried loading games in WinUAE and it works perfectly....

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