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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
He sounds like anti-Americanism was rampant. I think that is an urban legend. The last POTUS wasn't exactly everybody's darling, but that's a different story. On the contrary, it is my impression is that more people are likely to idolize America. Maybe that's why cablegate caused such a fuss.
I don't know if you saw all the comments on the discussion, but Jonas got on there and was taking some flack from a few folks about his views. I don't know how it is in Europe, but any mention of socialism gets a knee-jerk reaction here: "Evil commie bastards!"

I think the stereotype of Americans in Europe is still something like, stupid, gluttonous pigs. I must say I'm always startled when I get students from other countries and they're flabbergasted by how little the Americans care about education. I remember a discussion in a class one time when a French student mentioned he'd been reading Plato just for fun. Nobody could believe it.
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