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Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
Jens so my a1200 has a Supergen SX genlock on the RGB port when I get the MK2 will I be able to have say Image FX screen open on the Indivision on one monitor and another app open on NTSC out of the RGB port at the same time?
No, it's not possible to do a dual-monitor setup like that. The Indivision screen will always show what the normal 1084 monitor would also display, just in a better quality and without video overlay.

With a genlock, you see a mix of the Amiga picture and the video picture on the 1084 monitor. Indivision will then show the "Amiga-only" picture that is overlaid on the video picture. That's as "genlock compatible" as it gets: It shows a picture, while pretty much every other flickerfixer will show nothing or garbage.

You will not be able to see the video picture on the Indivision output. For the resulting video-mix-picture, you still need a video monitor.

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