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Originally Posted by copse View Post
But the problem when people say "it just isn't ready yet" is that things come up - like whatever came up for you between the original post and now.
Yes, and that's exactly what happened: IRL stuffs, other works... Being optimistic, i always hope i will not be interrupted. But of course fate decides otherwise.
That's why i have released a WIP of the Gods Viewer, in case i'm interrupted. Some people like, others dislike, but it's always better than waiting 1 or more years for the source.

Originally Posted by copse View Post
From my perspective (not having invested any work in it and without effort making demands/suggestions on a web forum) it would be better if you just uploaded the source code to google code.
I'm used to browse google code, koders and some other repositories, but never actually used them beside at my IRL work. I will check them.

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