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I bought a NOS A1200 from AmigaKit 1,5 year ago. Rev 2b motherboard. Finally after 1 year (moved to a new house) I had the chance to play with my amiga and finally use my ACA card in the NOS A1200. Caps E123C and E125C were already removed. Still gfx-corruptions with my ACA1230 56mhz. Removing/adding all the other caps/etc/whatever is too difficult for me and I'm not sending everything to AmigaKit. I don't want to take the risk of loosing everything.

With a non-working 300 watt PSU from AmigaKit I don't have much luck in making a brand new setup (will try to send back the PSU though).

I'm thinking of making a new setup out of all 4 A1200's I have and putting a working motherboard revision in the case of the 'new' NOS A1200.

I still love AmigaKit and Jens for delivering/making cool hardware!
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