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Originally Posted by Kroah View Post
I've received and replied to your mail. Nice to see some people interested.

I'm currently on the Gods Viewer. As soon as it's completed, i switch to Cadaver (the current build doesn't compile, so i can't release it as is).
Thanks for the reply.

I think you do great work and as someone who also reverse engineers Amiga games, I know what you have done must have taken an awful lot of work. But the problem when people say "it just isn't ready yet" is that things come up - like whatever came up for you between the original post and now.

From my perspective (not having invested any work in it and without effort making demands/suggestions on a web forum) it would be better if you just uploaded the source code to google code. If other people can jump in and help out in the meantime, then bonus (people have fixed up less approachable/working code I imagine). Otherwise, if more things come up for you, your work isn't lost (to us).

Anyway, good to see you still intend to release it whenever you get around to it. Cheers.
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