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Every reseller listed on my website can take pre-orders, provided that he does not take any money in advance.

The connector discussion is not exactly useful, as the DVI-I connector is the only one that carries both analogue and digital signals at the same time. I would need even more space if I used HDMI and VGA next to each other. In addition to that, people would expect that a HDMI connector also outputs audio, which is not possible with my hardware (only half the sound data "flies by" the FPGA, not enough to do a Paula-implementation and re-create the sound). It would confuse customers if they see a picture, but don't hear any sound.

DisplayPort is not an option, as it's not compatible with DVI on an electrical level. It has a higher symbol rate, shorter maximum cable length, and again: no analogue signal option. Since Thunderbolt is backwards-compatible to DisplayPort on an electrical level, the same reasons for NOT choosing it apply.

Displays will remain compatible with DVI for the forseeable future (that is: at least until 2015, when DisplayPort and Thunderbolt are planned to fully take over), and I expect quite a few customers to still choose a CRT for the sake of "smoother picture". The scanline emulation just looks more real on a CRT, and we'll be able to get rid of flickering once and for all if I add a triple-scan mode for NTSC (90Hz) or a quad-scan mode for PAL (100Hz).

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