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Originally Posted by InfernoV2 View Post
Hi people, just signed up. Literally about 2 weeks ago just got an Amiga again after around 10 years without owning one!

I snagged a bargain A600 off eBay with a 1MB RAM upgrade and 1GB CF card installed for £37.50 delivered. The seller must have been mad to let it go that cheap, but whatever, it's mine now. Their loss is my gain. It doesn't seem to have enough RAM for WHDload games to run from the workbench but at least they run from the prompt for the most part. I've now got a 4GB CF card in it fully packed with games. I'm just on the look out for an SRAM card (if I ever come across one at the "right price") and an A1200 at the right price.

Anyway enough Amiga rambling. Hello!
Hi, and welcome to EAB, as you already noted you will need more ram to make full use of WHDLoad. Something like an ACA 630 from would do the trick nicely.

And yeah, you can find some real bargains on eBay sometimes, I recently got a very tidy 1200 with external floppy drive and 200+ floppys for £32.

Have fun with your new machine, theres nothing quite like using the real hardware.
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