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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
there's a project i've been slightly involved in. the aim was to embed winuae in a single exe with whdload and the slave (was called caveman)
Yeah, sources are on Aminet

I think Epic was doing this.
Amiga Inc. used it to sell some Cinemaware/Vulcan titles as 'standalone' executables for Windows via their dreaded web shop. No idea if it was indeed their project, or if they reused somebody else's code.

now I doubt about the legality of selling this (gnu copyleft licences, etc...)
Selling is absolutely no problem, the GPL allowes selling stuff. You just have to provide source codes for the GPL stuff.

and I'm pretty sure there's whdload in this iphone version!
I doubt that, that would be way too easy to prove and get them into major trouble.
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