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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
OK, made a bit of a deal about things, just a bit passionate at times.

@Synchro... gonna check new version for u
No worries mate...Like i said for a second there to my surprise thought you were right !!.....
But once reading through the lot properly i realised it was not the case but it looks to me EAB's rules are giving enough leaway to stay just on the borderline...
I would rather have the CD32 games available for access than not be there at all...In fact anything they can get away with is fine by me

As for a big deal about things you saw it as you saw it and there are some forums i know of you would be absolutly correct..

I will look into the netbook thing see exactly whats going on later today...i have one here now to try

Edit: Can exit if I click on Exit and then click on the pull down menu on the upper right hand corner?
Ok thats just weird!! ...Especially if the c64 version works...Gonna have to let me think on that one ?

Just a stab in the dark here......Your from earth right and have one of our PC's

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