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Question Expanded CD32 vs A1200

I've got a CD32 and an Amiga 600. I thought this would be all I need, but I want to play AGA versions of floppy disk games like Theme Park, UFO and Worms. I know I can get all of these on CD32, but Theme park is apparently very rare, UFO takes up 84 save blocks and runs quite slow, and you can only get Worms Directors Cut as AGA disks. I suspect Theme Park would eat up the CD32 Flash ROM too. I also know that they all have OCS/ECS versions out but they are not as good graphically and sometimes have less features too.
This presents me with two potential choices:

1.Buy an expansion for the CD32. I would have to make do with an SX-1 as the other expansions are generally quite expensive (look at, although the Promodule is quite appealing but I havent seen it for sale anywhere. The only fixed price SX-1 I have seen is £70.

- It would enable me to speed up my CD32 games, as well as giving me the ability to play all A1200 games.

- The SX-1 makes the CD32 a very awkward shape, and there are issues with some of the connections, see the first three paragraphs of this:
- I would need to purchase an external floppy disk drive for the SX-1, which I was going to do anyway for my A600. (The Promodule has one built in)
- The limit for the SX-1 and ProModule is one 8Mb SIMM.

2.Buy an A1200. This would be no more than £20 for a good deal on eBay. This is without any acceleration or extra RAM.

- I would have lots more expansion options available, the simplest being a card for the trapdoor slot to get 8Mb extra RAM, which I have found for £34.
- It seems to be the cheaper option.

- My CD32 games would not benefit.
- It would take up more room (not really a big problem)

I am not sure if there are any compatibility problems with playing disk games with a CD32 expansion, other than the normal 1.3 ROM compared to 3.0/3.1 ROM problems. I don't see the point in getting a CD-ROM drive for an A1200 since I've got a CD32 and am only worried about games, so it meets my needs in that respect. The only problem is the speed of some CD32 games

I am looking for anybodys opinions on the subject, and would especially like to know from anyone who has an SX or ProModule what they think of it. I will welcome any other options, or any corrections to what I have said above.
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