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I think Mr. B summed it up nicely when he explained above why they aren't using HDMI. There are two things about HDMI that would make it unusable as of right now for this. The first is the licensing fee. The license fee I could find on is $10,000 fixed annual license fee plus a royalty fee per device sold. Or you can go with a $5,000 fixed annual license fee plus 1.00 per product administration fee plus royalty fee per device. When you consider that $10,000 is a lot and hopefully close to what they will make from the run, that means they would only break even unless they increased their price. The second is the HDCP requirement. As of HDMI 1.4 all HDMI connections are required to make use of the HDCP standard for encrypting data being sent through the connection. This is purely unnecessary for the Amiga and would probably require additional chips on the SD/FF or a possible re-design of the card completely, both of which will add cost and delay the card, which I don't think anyone wants. I would love to see an HDMI connector as well, cause then I could just plug it right into the TV using an incredibly clear connection, but the added cost thanks to the pure greed of big companies eliminates that I feel. Here's to hoping the next card will be able to have a display port or thunderbolt connector.
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