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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Thomas Richter (ThoR) knows the 68k MMU and caching like the back of his hand and he is still active. You could either post on which he frequents or send him an e-mail (same as always). I bet he can find the problem if you can post links to the source files that are most likely to contain the problems (MMU and cache setup and handling).
I have already contacted him about other MMU issues. But it is not MMU problem, it is "bug somewhere" that is very very difficult to find..

Crash or illegal access (MMU bus error) would be easy to debug. Hang isn't, especially when other tasks keep running normally (floppy keeps clicking etc..)

Does that include the latest workbench.library 45.131 (04/15/06)?
I have only confirmed with version 45.127 (2001-02-21)
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