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Originally posted by Akira
Ok ok, I stand corrected. MOST C64s have cardboard shite inside

No clue about the C64C, but the 8502 in 128s and 64Gs does bring incompatibilities. I don't remember which games failed to load, it's been a looong time.

Well, I don't think it is the 8502. The C128 incombatibilities are due to one special bit which is used for bankswitching as far as I know. ( I think it also affects the 2MHz mode, which can be used from the C64 mode when the screen is turne off. Some packers make use of this )
E.g. Rescue on Fractalus crashes on the C128 because of this bit.
Also the metal C-128D has lots of incombatibilities because of the drive controller, which doesn't have it's own board any more, but is integrated into the mainboard. This gives problems with original software's copyprotection in the built in drive.


Your friend's 64G might have had incompatibility probs because of the 8502 Even if the mobo was old perhaps it was 8502-powered?
Nope, it has a 6502 and it is a board from 1984 !!
I assume they used old spareboards or even repaired boards for the C64-G models. But it is also possible that the board was changed in the shop for some reason.
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