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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I am totally stuck with real hardware issues that can't happen in emulation. Namely 68060 copyback cache. If it is enabled, Blizzard SCSI hangs during booting, time to hang is random.

MMU tables that set caching modes are correct (same as 68060.library sets). Even 68060 rev5 and older official errata workaround is enabled.
Thomas Richter (ThoR) knows the 68k MMU and caching like the back of his hand and he is still active. You could either post on which he frequents or send him an e-mail (same as always). I bet he can find the problem if you can post links to the source files that are most likely to contain the problems (MMU and cache setup and handling).

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Other changes:

Lots of other compatibility bugs has been found and fixed.

icon.library problem is fixed but OS3.9 can still crash during booting because of bug in OS 3.9 workbench.library!: Its Open/Close routines are not semaphore protected and can run at the same time = bad things happen.. (Another reason is probably kernel scheduling difference or something else but it still is a AOS workbench.library or c:loadwb bug)
Does that include the latest workbench.library 45.131 (04/15/06)?
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