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OK! I've tried many different converters now, and I've finally found one that works with the CD32 adequately. If anybody else out there is looking to buy a PAL CD32 to work with an NTSC tv, don't waste your time and money looking for other converters, just buy this one instead:

The Atlona CDM-660. It features standard a/v and s-video in, accepts a non-interlaced source (I have another converter which only accepts interlaced signals, so only the splash screen will show up) and it doesn't a pretty good job to boot. No lag noticeable.

When I first began looking for converters, someone told me not to waste my time and just to get a product from atlona but I ignored it. I wish I hadn't, because I blew an extra $250 trying out other converters before finally arriving at this one. Trust me, this one works.

So I've accomplished my goal - I wanted to get into Amiga gaming, but didn't want a clunky computer under my tv stand. I now have a PAL CD32 with a floppy drive expansion, which can play the fully amiga library, a standard ps/2->amiga 4000 keyboard converter, an amiga mouse, and a CD32 Competition Pro controller, all of which can now be played on my NTSC tv. I'm in amiga heaven!
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