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Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
Although C64C's are more recent, the change in the soundchip meant that a lot of tunes, & especially samples were "muffled" in the C64C.
A bit of truth and a bit of misinformation there.

The new chip DOES have a slight problem with samples. However you can make a little hack to make them sound fine again. That's all teh tunes it wont play properly, the otehrs will work just fine, but sound a bit different.

The 8580 has different waveforms and used to come with different filters, therefore they sound quite a bit different from the 6581s. It's the chip of choice for modern C64 productions though, so that's why I want one machine with each chip Personally I preffer the sound of the 8580.

I say that if you are not into demos and stuff, the best all-round machine would be an old brown breadbin.
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