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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
but there was no need for for a personal attack, your a global mod and this is bang out of order!!
As opposed to accusing the mods of double standards and hypocrisy with no evidence other than what you 'think', which, of course, is perfectly acceptable.

I'm not going to flame for no reason, I just think that instead of chastising a member in public (which was wrong), a better way to do it would have been to offer a solution to his problem, and on top of that it could have been done via PM.
Okay. So why not say that in the first place then, instead of talking about copyright and all that stuff when that is not your actual issue?

I am not a child and don't like being spoken to like a pleb
Well don't throw your toys out of the pram in the most embarrassing manner possible then.

Never knew Lightwave 5 was free
So where can you still buy it? If you can buy it anywhere and/or you know the copyright holders object to this being distributed and can prove it, by all means post in the File Server section and it will be looked at. I trust you are not doing this, for example, as a desperate attempt to justify your first post and this was the best you could do.

so I'm not talking bollocks
Er, yes you are. And TCD approves every single upload to the File Server, I believe, so if something does break our rules then they will be deleted. Of course, we are all human and something can be genuinely missed in error so by all means point this out if so.

ergo.... Lightwave is copyrighted, WB is copyrighted, KS is copyrighted................. where is the line drawn??
Er, if the products are still being sold, or if the copyright holders decide they don't want their products to be distributed. Pretty simple I would have thought. A very, very small number do object. They are our rules and it's as simple as that. This has all been discussed loads of times so why not do a search on the subject.

While I'm here -


I repsonded the way I did because, due to the way you opened your post, I believed you were trying to back up PaulyQ's initial rant. If this was not your intention then I apologise for coming across harshly.

Anyway, no more OT posts now please. Any further disruption of a worthwhile subject will be deleted without warning.
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