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Everything else is 'tolerated'. If someone holds the rights to a software and asks us to remove it, we will do so and not allow it to be uploaded to the zone or the file server either.
Thats all Graham had to say...Nothing in my post deserved.... What part of BLAH BLAH dont you understand ( Even now thats winding me up )

I had no beef till that point..I had my say back to him and forgot about it as you can see in the post after.

The launcher is just a demo executable for looks and if you guys like the anim ideas etc..The proper version is an installer like the 64 one i made....Once installed just copy the game collection straight into the games Directory...The launcher itself will not contain any kickstarts or anything illegal so it can be freely distributable. Bit like a mame launcher..

Its a specific collection like i said ( Not your usual ADF) but i know i cant put the link to the site here. Once you see the final version a quick look on google will find them in seconds

PS...Naked pics of your wives may sway me though JUST KIDDING !!!!!! Just trying to lighten the mood
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