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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Dont take that tone with me for starters !!

I said nothing to cause such a defensive reply.

So does that mean i can legally supply them with a free launcher
I think if you read the section of the rules that Graham linked to properly, there would be no need for an argument here. All Workbench disks and Kickstarts are a 100% no-go, same with software that is still sold 'first hand'. Everything else is 'tolerated'. If someone holds the rights to a software and asks us to remove it, we will do so and not allow it to be uploaded to the zone or the file server either.

In regard to your launcher : Where do I have to put which files? Seems like it's a 'standalone' exe, so any instructions for it to actually work?

Again, reading the rules is even in your join email, so why don't you do it next time before talking bollocks?
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