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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
Agree with DDNI 100%.

I'm not one to speak out of turn normally but on this issue I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this - the issue of the former thread (relating to the use of rom image in his launcher) and the "public ticking off" was for me unjustified for somebody who is trying to keep the amiga alive and easy to reach, the files were not hosted on the EAB server so although it was linked from this site, I see no issue.

In addition, I wonder how many files are on the EAB server which still hold copyright??

Double standards and hypocrisy!

It's in the rules and has been probably from day one. Sorry, but if something is still being sold and the copyright/licence holder does not take too kindly to their products being distributed then we don't have much choice, even if it's only linked as we (and the person's site in question) can still get into trouble for it. It doesn't mean we like it being this way, that's just how it is (and this has been discussed a million times before). It's nothing personal.

As for your comment regarding the EAB server, why not check it before making such a statement? As it is it just looks like you're throwing your toys out of the pram for no reason. If you do find any such files while thoroughly checking it (because you'll want to do so to back up your comments, of course) then by all means let us know and they will be removed.

Otherwise please stick to the facts before deciding to chime in next time. Thanks.
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