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I want to give my two cents too.

WinUAE is the most complete emulator of all platforms. Since the begginning it rocked. Not to say, WinUAE did great improvements since Toni began in the project.

The features I most use in WinUAE is the AGA emulation to run Workbench in a mode that it can directly emulate the awesome native chipsets that this computer has.

That is 100% emulation, not any Picasso96 tricks. The WinUAE engine is sufficiently powerful to handle virtually all the tasks an original Amiga can handle, and even more.

Other features I am very happy to see are the printer support, sampler emulation, resolution switcher and the interlace remover. They are very handy and came in a good time.

And the WinUAE without input lag that Toni is testing with the help of Dr. Venom is probably the most desired feature since the first versions.

Good luck!

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