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Hello to all the EAB Comunity

Hello to all users of EAB.

First of all I give my sincerest congratulations to the creators of this website, CONGRATULATIONS!

I read the web before but I've never written anything, and I finally decided to do so.

My history with Amigas goes back to year 89 if I remember correctly, the 1st device I had was several consoles Game & watch then a Spectrum 48k (the gums), Spectrum 48K +, and later an MSX phillips Vg8020, until I bought my first Amiga 500.

It was a before and after knowing the Commodore A500 who have lived it know what I mean.

Until 2003 I was still active Amiga user until this year that left to leave the platform by the exhaustion and disillusionment, the story of the Amiga has not been plain sailing.

I spend my business and I could get money platforms like winfos, Maculindos, lincex and other alternatives which fortunately or unfortunately made ​​my passion for computers to go forward.

Year 2011 is the year I go back to the Amiga world and with more strength and enthusiasm than ever.

To not much in my presentation here I leave you some pictures of some of my Amigas.

In short I want to post some works I have done recently , if there is no problem for the Mods of the website.

one of the things I want now is to collect all Amiga models that were manufactured .

My Amithlon dedicated system

Recent I buy this A1200:

And The Best " Virgin nobody has been inside my A1200 - Seal Factory"

Well it's a pleasure to share these images with all the Eab comunity and we read soon.

P.D. sorry for my english I´m spanish

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