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A608 gives 8 MB fast ram, but if you have to have something in the PCMCIA, you have to jumper it to 4 MB, if possible.

A604 does exactly what yours does, but it has a couple extras where you can plug in expensive expansions. Why not google it? Plenty of info at

It's the same cost as an SRAM card, as I said. You might get a 2MB SRAM card for 30 GBP if you're lucky, which already helps a lot. The drawback of SRAM cards is that they occupy the PCMCIA port, so if you decide to use PCMCIA SD-card as an easy, cheap harddisk solution then you can't have SRAM.

I *always* recommend a 1GB Sandisk Extreme III* or Ultra CF card, best value for money, they're the Fastest and they're big enough - and you don't need to know anything to install WB on them. Adapters are like 3 USD including postage from Hong Kong dealers, they usually hang out at so it's dead easy for you Whatever CF card, I'd get a Sandisk from a regular reputable local camera/electronics store - there ARE knockoffs on eBay.

Throw away the harddisk.

Power off and open your A600 and see if the power and flatcable are properly connected to the harddisk. Then attempt to install Workbench with that guide. If you get errors before the guide is finished, the harddisk is not worth wasting time on. The reason I say this is that it worked once, and if somehow the RDB lost its data and you write a fresh RDB and that doesn't work, it's likely no amount of work will make it install. But you already got such a message! So as I said, if it's nothing obvious mechanically inside, throw it away.

I think you can send your machine to Amigakit and just ask them for a nice harddisk solution and they'll set it all up for you. That would save you getting the new parts yourself and installing them, but would cost you 2 freights+charge for parts and work. But what the heck? Unscrew some screws, unplug harddisk, plug in adapter and get a card for it? It's really easy...

If sending for service too expensive for you, you need to stop asking so much and just do some work!

Open A600, check harddisk. No go? Then go to store, buy CF card. Post links of adapters on eBay and ask, or count #pins on IDE cable and just get one. Battery looks fine? Insert chipmem again.

I also think you worry too much. What you need is your A600 to boot to harddisk. Fix that, take the cost, then go on to software and maybe something else you need. You don't need to make it a super-monster at 1 single point in time. Buy good parts one at a time as you need them.

There's plenty of info about installing, CF cards, Amiga expansions both in the support.Hardware forum here and on the internet.

*they're hard to find now so 2GB is fine, just split it in two <1GB partitions or muck about with filesystems to get >1 GB partitions.

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