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Originally posted by Daz
Im after a C64 myself as I've never owned one and would like to see what all the fuss is about!

Is there anything special I should look for? or will any old 64 so the trick?!
Although C64C's are more recent, the change in the soundchip meant that a lot of tunes, & especially samples were "muffled" in the C64C. I can personally vouch that Turbo Out Run's wonderful tunes/samples don't sound anywhere near as good as a result.
(Still have it, but my beloved disk drives don't work alas!)

That said, not all tunes etc. sound poor in comparison to the original C64's. A lot of Sensible software's games,(when Martin Galway was part of them), actually gave you options to fine tune the sound to your C64 model. And stuff like Monty on the Run worked fine too. Although I encoutered longer loading times on a couple of games they still worked 100%. But as they also revised the I541 disk drive it might've been responsible too, I'm not sure.

Although,I'll always say Times of Lore's title tune sounded better on the C64c than the C64!
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