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I'm guessing i lack a sh*tload of knowledge between the Amiga and the telly, leaving me struggling to understand what is going on, how and why.
Lets make it stupid simple.

Resolution, Frequency kHz, and Frequency Hz.

720x400, 31.468, 70.08
640x480, 31.469, 59.94
800x600, 37.879, 60.31
1024x768, 48.363, 60.00
1280x768, 47.78, 59.87
1360x768, 47.72, 59.80
1280x1024, 63.981, 60.02
1920x 1080, 66.587, 59.93
1920x 1080, 67.5, 60.00

Thats apparently what i got to work with. Make sure the Indivision MKII works with that, and you'll get to sell one to Sweden ;- )

(Well, at least someone who understands whats going on should be able to say yes / no, when the time comes)
I'll stop wasting everyones time. With a bit of luck there will be some sort of list for straightforward guesswork later on, letting me figure it out.
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