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Originally Posted by entireweb View Post
Hi from Munich.

I used to have an Amiga 500 back in the day and have been playing around with Amiga Forever, for a while.

Any way I took the plunge recently after watching a youtube video on the Amiga 600.

[ Show youtube player ]

And I bought an Amiga 600 off ebay, a A604 Memory expansion from amigiakit and a 4GB CF flash ide off ebay as well. The idea was to create a gaming Amiga that I could plug into my TV as shown in the above video.

But I miscalculated on the availabilty and price of PCMCIA Sram cards.

I read that you need at least 4MB total ram for WHDload to work correctly. Is this true? Or will it work with just 2mb chip ram (for say the top twenty amiga 500 games)?

I saw a couple of PCMCIA memory cards on ebay. They where expensive at 43 pounds for the 2mb and 75 for the 4mb. So I thought of getting the ACA 630/25 accelerator (this is getting expensive now!) with its 32mb of fast ram. Is this overkill for a wdhload gaming machine?

Also what kickstart do I need to get the CF ide working?

If I buy a ACA 630/25 can to copy a kickstart rom image to ram using Maprom via software so I dont need to buy a new kickstart rom.

Or should I also buy a Kickstart 3.1 ROM chip for the Amiga A600?

i would say that its down to personal prefrents wether you get a aca630 or not,i would get one the a nice bit of kit.

yes whdload needs more memory i would say 6-8mb in total,4-8mb fast 2mb chipram if you want to be able to play all/most the games anyway.

a pcmcia memory card will give your system a little bit of a boost in speed on top of the extra memory but again its a personal choice,i would go for the aca 630 myself.

as for the kickstart 3.1 rom.again i would say yes,but you dont really need it if you just want to play games through whdload.
there are can remap a 3.1 image to fastram with an aca 630 without the actual rom chip.
if you just want to use whdload the 3.1 image only neads to be present in devs/kickstarts.

regards roy
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