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Originally Posted by klapdeur View Post
Hi novacoder.
ive tried the 1.3.1 beta and also get a screen but scrambled.

isnt it possible to get a screen requester so user can choose there own screen on p96 and cyberghx????


doesent a cv64/3d work in p96.just thinking aloud.just asuming you have a cv64/3d.
i know its a pain to uninstall cybergraphix,or do you prefer it to p96.
but couldent you give it a go and see?
at a push couldnt you use the scan doubler/flicker fixer on these cards(thats of coarse if you have one)and use the aga version of scummvm.
i know its not an ideal situation but there you go.

while im at it,novacoder can say if the sound drivers use fastram or not im curios im assuming the frontend does.or is all of the frontend optimised for fastram usage.just wondering.

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