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Originally Posted by klapdeur View Post
Hi novacoder.
ive tried the 1.3.1 beta and also get a screen but scrambled.

isnt it possible to get a screen requester so user can choose there own screen on p96 and cyberghx????

Hiya Klapdeur,

Sorry my friend but that won't really work with my v1.3.1 ports as they need to keep re-creating the screen everytime the resolution changes (for example the user switches to Aspect Ratio correction).

I'm not too sure if it would actually work with cyberghx even if I did manage to open the correct RTG screen because this port uses mostly system library calls which have been patched by P96.

To get this port working correctly with cyberghx would require using the CGX API and I don't have the time to do this or even a machine to test it on.

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