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Ive tried looking for the A608 but seems a rare item? what cost/gain will i get?
Also ive seen an A604 mem expansion but i already have 1mb on the original A600 board and another 1mb expansion card (put in when first got the computer) so what benefit is there if i where to buy a new A604 and or A608 (if i could find one)? Is the original memory on the computer no good anymore? is it not fastmem?
As for SRAM smart card, it seems v expensive for my needs.
As for the hard drive any advice as to exactly which make/model HD replacement flash and adapter is very helpful. Im leaning towards Amiga kits 4gb card & adapter, pre partitioned (£28) as seems a simple solution.
You mention getting software added to my Amiga is easier using a PC, how would i go about faciltating this? More hardware?
PS earlier on in this thread there was talk of creating a new RDB? is that still worth a try to get my hard drive going or have i simply got a knackered disk, if so, how?
Sorry if i seem to be asking so many simple questions but until sunday i didnt think my Amiga still worked, let alone that there was a thriving Amiga community so actively using/upgrading Amigas. Its totally made me revise my idea of selling my Amiga at a car boot sale...

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