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Darn. No 1080p...
Yes i know, i'm joking, sort of. Not much use of anything but 4:3 resolutions from the hardware. However, i'm not sure about all of you, but i sure will run in full-screen on my telly, meaning that if the hardware delivers 4:3 i'm going to have the image scaled, twize. First by the Indivision, and then by the TV. In the interest of picture quality, if you can still speak of such after stretching it from 4:3 to 16:9, wouldn't it be "best" if the scaling could be done in one step? Either way "i'm screwed" as the TV (and most modern TV's are) 1920x1080, i believe. This leaves me thinking i'll be getting "something else" when ever this something else gets available, and that i'll "only will be getting the Indivision MK II as a temporary fix."
Sort of sad i guess, but with the current hardware limitations it seams there isn't much else to do?

Also, i think a lot of people will have to try and use the Indivision to first scale up the picture as much as possible, and as close as your preferred screen aspect ratio as possible, and then jump straight to the smallest scaling possible while still working for the TV sets, to see what scales the image most to their liking, the Indivision, or the TV's internal scaling features. My TV scales really nice, but it seams impossible to turn of post processing, making the darn thing have a tendency to lag behind when playing on the consoles. (scart) Not as bad on HDMI, so i hope that will not be an issue...
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