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Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
Is trying to use my old memory a bad idea, if so why?
Nope, no leak=safe to use I would only hesitate to put it back in if the battery looks bad (looks a bit like mold on it).

The battery is only for keeping the time of the internal clock between power-ons, so even if it's bad you could remove it, still use the memory, and set the clock in Preferences each startup (if exact file dates and a correct clock display in Workbench is vital to you).

You can get an almost 33% increase in speed just by adding some Fastmem. There's the A608 which you plug on the processor, which can be tricky to find and I guess is about 35-65 GBP? There's also PCMCIA "SRAM" cards which are sadly even rarer and about the same price (highway robbery!)

Yeah, new components for A600 aren't cheap. The good news is that components are still being made, and they are really well designed components that work with each other, so you can basically build a many times greater machine inside that cute, tiny little case

And yeah, basically choose any combo of PCMCIA/IDE and harddisk/SD/CF card as your system disk and then boot the WB install disk to get the system onto it.

Once you have it booting into Workbench, there's all kinds of software you can download, ClassicWB is a neat package with a lot of useful programs, menus and utilities. If you have a PC/Mac/Linux box, you'll find adding software easier if you go with a card rather than a harddisk, I think.
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