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I wish I knew then...

Hey all, and thank you for the warm welcome over in the intro board, very nice to be here!

Well, I now have spent, or will be spending when I can afford it (I've earmarked a few things from a couple people, and they've been nice enough to hold them for me, budget what it is!) £200 on the Ami 1200, but I honestly still have no idea what direction I want to take with it.

So I thought it was time to ask some of those stupid questions I mentioned in my intro! Therefor I thought the theme of "I wish I knew then what I know now!" was a good start.

My first question is the thread theme, what piece or pieces of Ami knowledge would you have loved to have when you started? Seeing as I am a total Ami virgin, that is where I am, the most basic of beginners.

My other questions relate to a few here goes!

1. Just what do I do with the damn thing!? lol I know I already want to have some fun playing Worms & Lemmings in their native environments, but beyond that I'm not sure I actually have a purpose for the 1200, beyond being a fun (and expensive!) project.

So in 2011, just what can I do with a 1200 (the Blizard IV I've got on hold is a 50mhz model with 64mb RAM, if that helps to give idea's as to what I can use it for).

I also saw mention of using it as a BBS/IRC machine, which is an idea, I know I'm not going to be doing any YouTube or anything like that with it.

2. Printing! I figure I can't just go jam a regular all singing all dancing modern printer into the Ami and expect it to work, so I've decided on a Laserjet 4L or 5L, compact but decent laser printers, or a 24 pin dot matrix if I can ever find a decent one, and recommendations for brand on the DM side of things? I'm pretty sure Laserjets that old will work on the Ami, but stop me if I'm wrong!

I used to have a Star printer that worked lovely with it, but I scrapped it years ago.

3. Monitor. Now I know the 1200/600/500 are designed to be run on a TV, and that's all fine & dandy & all, but I would really like to run it on a 'real' monitor or a LCD TV. Browsing Amiga Kit I see they do a dedicated RGB to Scart cable, anyone had any problems using these? eBuyer have a nice white 19" widescreen (yes I know widescreen is a problem) LCDTV on offer at the moment that's option 1, and I know of the scan-doublers to use a regular monitor...but...hens teeth.

3.5 Resolution, realistically what kind of res can I hope to get out of the 1200 with the accelerator card? The LCDTV aforementioned supports 1440x900, so was hoping to squeeze 1024x768 (though I tried that on my big TV, didn't like it! Was all screwy aspect wise...) out of it, or reasonably close.

4. Top software & games? What's everyone's top ten of apps & games that you really MUST have on an Ami? I've been playing around with WinUAE (badly) and already found the glories of SysInfo, but would like to know what else I should be fiddling around with.

Think that's about it! At least all I can think of at the moment, sorry if it's a little sporaddic and/or erratic, ask as I think of things.

Hope I didn't ramble too much!

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