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Thanks once more. Yeah i may well give Amiga kit a call.
Im looking on line and though i may get the parts for a new hard drive cheaper abroad, i may also wait for ages from China to ship & i may get the wrong thing... that would be bad.
Amiga kits 4GB ready to plug & go option looks interesting (£28) They say its all there a 4Gb card, cable adapter, partitioned for me, set to plug in and go.
As to the memory issue my Amiga tells me that its seeing the 1MB expansion still so its got 2MB in it at present (slow though it may be?). The question is what is the simplest and easiest option for a memory upgrade to say 2GB? (or am I wrong & limited to 2-4MB? looking at the available options i think im thinking i can get my Amiga to use 2gb of memory, thinking some more my laptop has 4gb and its 20yrs younger... So 4MegaBytes maximum RAM not GigaBytes, correct?)
As a proviso' The machine is 20 years old. i dont want to break the bank getting new parts for the old original parts to die on me or for it to go back in its box for another ten years. On the other hand it could give my venerable Amiga a new lease of life. After all i very nearly sold it at a car boot last week for £40 and something stopped me from taking offers.
As a side question I see talk of a newer OS system for Amiga or is that for more powerful machines only?

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