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Yep they send it you plug it in.

2mb SRAM card to give you a bit more memory are a mental one they can go for silly money sometimes, I picked mine up for £20 off ebay but i have seen them go for £60! or you could go for amigakis a604 .

As for the hardrive you are using readily availabale flash cards to act as a hardrive via the pcb, wether you want to go SD or CF card route is up to you. Yet again amigakit sell one ready to go so just uplug HDD and stick in the adapater with card. You may run into to problems with SD cards if you go above 2gb though.

As well as using the PCMCIA slot for ram you can also get another card reader for making the transfer of files between the PC and amiga easier, yet again amigakit offer a kit ready to go or you can the bits yourself from china. You could also do it via serial cable and amiga expllorer but its painfully slow. Or you could use a PCMCIA network card but from what you have been asking I dont think thats the best option for you.
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