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Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
So what would Amiga kit charge me for the simplest easiest solution?
They send the parts and i plug them in correct?
Those links from the previous post suggest a smart card with SDRAM is £75! bit rich for me, im hoping to just get my Amiga running again play with it for a while and either keep or sell.
So I need 4 components *:
To update my RAM (through the smart slot) *2Gb or 4Gb CF Flash card (£10 ish?) and a *CF adapter (£1) plugged in through the side smart card slot?
To upgrade my hard drive i completely remove the original 20MB drive, get an *IDE/SE adapter plug that in to the Amigas board (where the old hard drive is currently attached) and then attach a *new drive to that. Im a bit fuzzy on the hard drive details: Am i getting some sort of Flash drive to go in the Amiga or a more traditional 2.5" drive? Sorry i think i need suggestions for specific parts as my searching the web seem to give ne many confusing options.
Thanks guys
You would be better contacting us at our store.

In regards to ram, I think abit confused, you cant use 2GB / 4GB as RAM in the PCMCIA slot (only as storage).

To upgrade your HDD,yes, all you need is an adapter and card.
Either IDE to SD or IDE to CF.
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