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So what would Amiga kit charge me for the simplest easiest solution?
They send the parts and i plug them in correct?
Those links from the previous post suggest a smart card with SDRAM is £75! bit rich for me, im hoping to just get my Amiga running again play with it for a while and either keep or sell.
So I need 4 components *:
To update my RAM (through the smart slot) *2Gb or 4Gb CF Flash card (£10 ish?) and a *CF adapter (£1) plugged in through the side smart card slot?
To upgrade my hard drive i completely remove the original 20MB drive, get an *IDE/SE adapter plug that in to the Amigas board (where the old hard drive is currently attached) and then attach a *new drive to that. Im a bit fuzzy on the hard drive details: Am i getting some sort of Flash drive to go in the Amiga or a more traditional 2.5" drive? Sorry i think i need suggestions for specific parts as my searching the web seem to give ne many confusing options.
Thanks guys
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