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Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
i read at start up screen 2.0 roms (37.300) is that my kickstart rev?
Yes. Your hard drive is probably old and knackered. Fit a newer 2.5" 44-pin PATA drive from a laptop or an equivalent.

An IDE->SD card adapter + a 2gb card would probably be the quickest, cheapest solution. Remember to partition your card with a MAX TRANSFER of 0x1FE00 (a setting in HDToolbox during the installation)

Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
Also what might i use the smart card slot for?
1) Memory upgrade (1, 2 or 4Mbytes of PCMCIA SRAM)
2) Wired Network card (10baseT PCMCIA cards based on NE2000 or 3C589 chipsets)
3) Wireless Network card (802.11a/b cards based on PRISM 2 chipset)
4) SCSI adapter (Squirrel interface for Hard drives or CD-ROM)
5) Non-bootable Compact Flash adapters (useful for transferring data from the PC)

Perhaps something else??

FYI you will struggle to use a network card on a 2Mbyte A600 as the network drivers will eat all your RAM. It is not impossible but IMO not worth bothering with. A 2Mbyte SRAM card and a Compact Flash adapter are "must haves" for unaccelerated A600's

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