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Had a look at the 1gb mem expansion cardbattery not leaked but may be dead? card seems ok as does the general state of the board etc.
Im considering taking the case apart to see how the reat of computer insides look. The Amiga has been boxed & kept under a bed, indoors for years.
I wont be touching anything as i dont know what im looking at.
Still unsure how to rell which kick start im using? when i open CLI the window reads: Amiga shell 3.2.0 install?

ps just opened it up and had peek, all went back together nicely. took a photo too for what its worth. am i meant to replace the original hard drive with a new adapter (which model?) and mem card, and fit it where the original disk sat?
Also what might i use the smart card slot for?

ps ive just restarted my Amiga and i read at start up screen 2.0 roms (37.300) is that my kickstart rev?

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