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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You'll never get it in time, you live way too far from the North Pole!!

That's quite a release date change. Who knows, maybe it will be Feb 2012 then.

If you're in need of IDE and Fastram on your A500, and would like to run stuff in 68000 mode, TomThul's board on AmiBay suddenly looks tempting. To me too, and I think Jens makes great stuff!

Hm, I need to think about this. I was supposed to have a A500 demomachine connected to my living room TV this summer, damnit!
ha.. yes, I am pretty far from the North Pole I didn't know that TomThul's board existed, thanks for the info! That board does look interesting, will have to get more info on it. Agree also -- Jens does make great stuff!
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