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Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
Thanks so much. No need to apologize, although i have owned many home computers over the years (ZX81,Atari 800xl,Amiga 600 & PC) i should have spent more time learing how they really worked instead of playing games. I know only the basics (and not BASIC...) so all help appreciated, the simpler the better.
So i can just buy the adapter and a sandisk 2gb card plug them in and im sorted? Does the Amiga automatically see the 2gb? or is there more to it? Also best/reliable place to get such adapters? Im thinking i may keep my Amiga & restart my self tuition in computers. Ill check my mem card now.
Yes, you can only if your kickstart rev is 37.300 or 37.350.
If you have 37.299, then it wont be detected.

If you have the original HDD and the install disks, just to get you up and running.
Use the install disk and the prep tool. That should sort out your drive for now until you get used to the HDD and RDB.
I used to spend hours messing with my A600's HDD tools when I was a kid.

/me waits to be flamed, .
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