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As FOL is helping you and he does support for Amigakit I think he'll help you best, just jumping in to say hello and welcome We'll get you sorted in no time I think!

Just wanted to say that the RDB is a tiny part of the harddisk holding the partitioning info. Partitioning is (you might know this of course but anyway) how the harddisk is divided. Usually there's one bootable partition which is your SYS: unit and DH0: unit - your operating system workdisk where you put ALL your stuff. Sometimes there's an extra partition for big files or backup or whatever, but it's not necessary. Writing to the RDB blocks is the 'prep' you mentioned.

It not only contains the 'divisions' but also each division's nickname (label, such as jt5566systemDisk: or anything), the file system used (usually FFS), and other "settings". You set those with the HDToolbox utility which you should find on your WB Install disk, if you do that and still no luck even with a System/Format, the harddisk went.

Oh, and if you open the underside trapdoor, pull out your extra 1MB chipmem and if it has a battery, check for battery corroded circuit board(tm)! After long storage this could be a danger.

I apologize if I'm explaining something to someone who knows all this already

Certainly if you prepped the harddisk and it can't even format, the harddisk is likely dead. I recommend a Sandisk 1 or 2GB CF card + $2 CF-IDE-adapter from Hong Kong as replacement, you'll love the speed boost I think.
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