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Originally Posted by klapdeur View Post
Hi NovaCoder

Ive tried the rtg version but i didnt work with my setup

i could open a rtg screen.

could you make one with a screen requester that would be the answer.

on my 4000 with cybergraphx i wont open a screen mode it looking for 320x200 so i created one but still it cant open it. thats the only thing in the error log it creates.

So rtg version with a screenmode requester would be great.

I'm not sure if I can get this working with Cybergraphx but I've done another beta which is in the Zone for you to try which I hope will at least open an RTG screen now.

Also don't forget to You should patch exec.library's CopyMem() and CopyMemQuick() routines for faster processor specific versions for more speed.
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