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monkey island is only just about playerble in rtg mode,but dont worry about it,its a factor of ten better than 1.2.1,you can see the amount of work thats gone into this frontend.

anyway that monkey island is going to struggle on an amiga anyway theres so much sound and animation to shift then render on screen .at the end of the day,i wont worry about 1 or 2 games not working from a choice of about 30 or im gratefull youve took the time to even bother.
also what was the minimum specs for running this on a pc?.i mean its never going to be uber fast im gratefull.

as far as making a video.well sadly i dont have a camcorder.unfortunatly.

and im not going to gripe about the software your working on,in my opinion its awsome i love it.
what im trying to say is there are more peaple with aga than rtg anyway.just the fact it runs is proof of concept.
im looking forward to the next will be worth it!

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