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Originally Posted by klapdeur View Post
Roy what are you using cybergraphx or picasso (mediator)
p96 through voodoo3000 on mediator.hope that helps.
you could try altering the 640 by 480 mode to 60hz.
and do this to all screen modes if using p96.
which card have you got? cv64/3d or picasso4.

yes i second a screen requester please when you have time novacoder.


i have tried the game you asked me to try on scummvm aga and rtg.
the game i tried is as follows:

the curse of monkey island(demo/english) and about 96mb
the curse of monkey island(windows/english) the full fat version about 1000mb! (yep you read that right)

so here goes.
on aga not playerble at all really slow and lagy sound dont really work through paula but it does through sb128.

on rtg playerble stuters a bit but nice. sound plays full speed.

this goes for both demo and full version.if you need more info just ask.

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