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Originally Posted by jt5566 View Post
Hi im new to this forum so excuse me while i try and figure out where best to post queries.
I dug out my A600HD the other day and thought i would see if it still worked. Hasnt been used for well over ten years. None of the old info/system software is on the machine anymore. Whilst it turns on ok and prompts me to insert the install floppy disk and choose my keyboard map (8 UK) it then offers me a hard drive prep/format and install list of icons. So i thought i might try to reinstall the hard drive save workbench on it and see if i can use the computer once more as i loved playing games and designing things on deluxe paint.
However i am getting a message error 3,cant partition drive, something about rdb, i think? Is my hard drive broken or am i missing something? If the hard drive isnt workning is there a cheap fix? I was then and still am a simple user regarding computing so i need simple answers, sorry. The manual didnt help me much... Im just curious to see if i can use the machine, if it works then i may well keep it or I may sell it on should anyone wish to buy it? The box is in ok condition and the case is still fairly white.
Any help appreciated thanks jt
RDB is proberly screwed, create a new RDB, then try and partition.
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